Richard Ruminski is a custom woodworker, artist, and forest manager born and raised in Ontario, Canada.  He specializes in wood furniture and architectural living spaces by employing elements of wood intuitively and humbly to capture the desires of his client’s dreams.

Communication with his chosen material is arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose are pursued in all his works.  The work seeks to inform the observer of the celebration of wood, the rarity of it and to the importance of preservation of the trees to its end user. Translating people’s aesthetics and desires with a strong understanding of the material wood to reflect the beauty of the tree and the purity of its function serving as the reason for its creation.

Having strong respect and understand of the entire life cycle from Tree to Table gives him an advantage and insight on how to express the material most naturally. He firmly believes accomplishing great design means there is nothing left to take away; you can reach that perfect balance of what’s required, and what’s not needed. Its Richard’s goal is to have the work speak for itself in form, strength, and function so to serve as inspiration today, and for future generations becoming a piece of history.

Artist Statement

I get the most gratification by experiencing the world with my hands. Wood is my favourite material to explore and work with– to understand the material is very important to   me– and by understanding it I hope to apply it to the real world through my expression. From an early age, I was inspired by my family’s rich history of artisans who built homes and objects with the purpose to improve people’s lives. I hope I can continue that kind of tradition through my exploration of the culture and techniques associated with woodworking.  I strive to educate myself with a strong knowledge base of wood science, sustainable forestry, and working characteristics; knowing wood as it grows in nature is basic to working successfully with it. To apply this knowledge I have gained an advantage with the insight to source, apply, and showcase this material most effectively and naturally.

My understanding is that form and function are at the foundation of any good design. I feel that is important by first defining essentially how a piece of furniture will be used and how an intuitive design will lend to its ease of function; by doing this I have the freedom to explore the objects aesthetics through colour, form, and material. My goal as an artist is to have my work be appreciated as much as we cherish family heirlooms and antiques today.

My current work today is exploring wood elements in direct reference to the living tree.

I enjoy using natural edged planks that display strong surface quality and presence, applying this towards modern appeal that use clean lines, striking solid colours, and minimal form. I pride myself towards quality workmanship and best use of materials; the same care is taken with my furniture as did the crafts man’s of the old world when work was judged by care and longevity.