The beginning inspiration for this table came from the Parthenon and the techniques that lie hidden inside the craftsmanship of the building. The Parthenon applies the understanding of the golden ratio which is found everywhere in the natural universe. The verticals apply a visual practice known as “entasis” which keep the columns looking strong and straight from a distance and close up. Another very important aspect is the use of optical correction. For example when a long vanishing line viewed will appear to have a bend; a result would the line crafted with an opposing slight bend to counter this allusion and in turn will look straight. Learning of all this, my aim was for beauty in form with function and to apply these concepts from the Parthenon to liveable furniture.

Entrance or sofa table with a single drawer and bottom open shelve. Built with a pleasing variety of woods from locally sourced black walnut for the body, soft maple interior, curly maple drawer sides, old-growth western red cedar drawer interior, and curly cherry shelve. The cherry is a piece from an old craftsman collection said to have been harvested over 250 years ago from Georgian Bays first sawmill.

Design Rational
Emphasis on Entasis

This table I wanted to construct a study and defining piece that dealt with the essential facts of woodworking. Fully functional with its surroundings, pleasing scale and proportions, solid tenon joinery, and embellish the qualities of this incredible black walnut material.

A main component in my design consideration was fuelled by my interest in historic architectures; prominently Greek designs into beauty. The Parthenon has no straight lines, level walls or 90 degree edges. This was response to their understanding of the human perception, although it is not built to standards of being perfect as level and straight, it looks perfect to the human eye. In my limitations with time for the project and knowledge into these concepts of optical correction I wanted to apply what I have learned already.

The Greeks used the word “Entasis” which means a slight convexity given to a column or tower, as to correct an optical illusion. Although this applies to objects large then us, I have looked to apply this to a smaller scare. This table should attract a curiosity in its presents but not easily indentified. At key points will be ever so slightly altered to correct theses illusions.

My friend commissioned me to build it for him. It was to be an Entrance table and dubbed a Side table. With the project guidelines and size consideration for the living space we decided at 32 inches high and 44 inches long which we fit well with existing furniture and make for an attractive piece alone. The Front apron with a centered drawer is designed to look like two bands of wood over lapping each other, while the overlay acts has the drawer handle. The container capacity will be 3 ½ deep and square at 13 inches in size.

Enter Entasis (2010)
Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Red Cedar
44” (L) x 14” (W) x 32” (H)