This began as a speculative project about stepping outside of my design comfort zone. To isolate what matters to me the most and to push myself to take chances. I drew a line so I could cross it; with a goal to design an asymmetrical, high alternating colours, multifunctional, and visually awakening piece.

Canadian sugar maple case wraps around and as the main structure; the interior has two full extension drawers with purple and yellow heart faces and a padauk hinged door for a storage cabinet. Selecting to use only the natural colours in wood available each of these species have been sustainably sourced from Canada, Africa to Central and South America.

The High Contrast cabinet is designed to serve as a furniture piece for common modern living entrance ways. Entrance halls in condos and smaller living spaces are usually limited a require optimized space where you can store keys, mail, winter items, loose change or just a surface to display personal items. It is wall hung at table height while taking up no foot print so it allows floor space to store shoes out of hall traffic.

High Contrast Cabinet (2012)
Maple, Birch, Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Padauk.
14.25” (L) x 48” (W) x 21” (H)

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