To begin the project of redesign and remake an iconic furniture piece I have selected George Nakashima’s Minguren ii end table c.1968. The table displays three distinct elements with a live edge top of English Oak burl, linear support legs and a single slab of American White Oak as a counter weight support.

My interest in this piece is its strong visual qualities of each contrasting element, how they are joined together and give the allusion to they’re function. I would like to use live edge elements as I feel it conveys a hint of scale, and connection to the tree it came from. Displaying these elements vertical also references its direction of growth when it was growing as a tree.

These can be difficult to convey or express I agree; but it’s exactly my question of using different contrasting elements referencing its form, material origins, and function or in some humour of that. This leaves me open to explore the possibility of using different materials which could be concrete or plywood. A variety of different design paths are being considered, these can be resolved through making models and further discussions.

Internally Wild (2012)
Claro Walnut
20” cube