In 2012 during my final semester at Sheridan College our teachers Peter Fleming and Connie Chisholm designed an assignment to work in collaboration with Toronto’s PDA (Public Displays of Affection) towards furnishing YWCA’s Winona House common room. We held an introductory meeting and a design charette with the residents of Winona House and asked what they thought the common room needed, and what they, as clients, would like to see made by the students.

I chose to design a set of four dining tables under established parameters set out from our charette and meeting with my teachers.

The Tables:

  • Can easily be picked up and moved to be combined for large events or individual use.
  • To seat four comfortably and allow wheelchair access from either side.
  • Built strong and durable to be suited for a high traffic environment.
  • No sharp edges or corners that could pose as a hazard for children.
  • Easy to clean and maintain to avoid harbouring germs and bacteria.

White Oak was chosen as the primary wood to match the existing floors and compliment with the white walls and the few large concrete pillars. The wood is a good choice for is strength and durability and that ages gracefully.

The stretchers are set far enough into the table to allow a wheel chair to pull in unobstructed. The leg aprons are heavily pin mortised to the rails; while sturdy spayed legs allow comfortable clearance to chairs on either end.

The tables we’re very well received and have a permanent home. The tables were displayed along with the rest of my fellow student’s furniture pieces during an offsite event for Toronto IDS 2012.

YWCA Table (2012)
Solid White Oak
48” (L) x 30″ (W) x 30″ (H)
wheel chair accessible